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Chia Seeds for your diet!

Chia Seeds for your diet!

You could think of Chia seeds like the new kid in school. Everyone’s talking about it, no one knows much about it, but the buzz around it keeps growing! But there is no fun in having half-baked information that leads to nowhere. Here’s what you do need to know about these wonderfully nutritious, versatile seeds this season. 

Chia seeds are packed with nutrients. They are rich in Omega-3’s, fiber, and vitamin B. What’s more interesting about these seeds is that it can be consumed in two forms - the regular seeds form and the gelatinous form, which develops when the seeds are soaked in any liquid.

With chia seeds being one of the most talked-about health foods, it’s only natural that you would want to include this into your diet too. How can you do that, you ask? It is quite simple. 

Here are 4 super easy, and healthy ways you could use chia seeds:

In Your Salads:

If you’re a health nut, there’s no doubt your diet includes a lot of salads. Adding chia seeds to these salads is probably the easiest way you can include chia seeds in your diet. They don’t add much flavor-wise, but will definitely add a bit of crunch and bite.

In Your Breakfast Cereal:

Chia seeds are excellent for your body, especially if you have them on an empty stomach. You can sprinkle the seeds just like that into your bowl of cereal. You can even let the seeds soak in water overnight, so it develops a jelly-like layer on the outside. You can add these to your cereal bowl. Another popular trend is to add these soaked seeds to a bowl of muesli.

In your Juice:

A prevalent habit in Southern parts of Karnataka is to add soaked chia seeds into lemon juice. A simple glass of lemon juice with chia seeds is believed to help keep the body cool. You can also do this with any other juice of your choice. Since chia seeds do not impart any flavor, it won’t have any impact on the taste of the juice. Even children wouldn’t mind having these juices because let’s be honest, the seeds floating around the juice will unquestionably grab their attention. All you need to do is soak ¼ cup of chia seeds in about a liter of water for about 20-30 minutes.

Chia Seed Energy Bars:

Several energy bar producers have turned to make bars with chia seeds in them. This is yet another tasty and convenient way to add chia seeds into your diet. However, remember to never have them right before going to bed. These bars are packed with energy and would surely disrupt your sleeping pattern. These seeds are also rich in proteins, making them the absolute best ingredient for energy bars.

Credits: Tanu Ganguly

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