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We're Ultranosh! a product of ARA group, and we are here to offer the most premium selection of the healthiest snacks that you can easily include in your daily diet. From nutrition-rich salads to guilt-free desserts, our products are the perfect companions. Discover Binge-worthy munchies which help you stay on track with your fitness and crush your nutrition goals. In today's ultra-busy world, our routine doesn’t guarantee if we're getting enough nutrients necessary for a healthy mind and body. Through our superfoods, we make things simpler by providing essential Omega-3s, Vitamins, and Minerals - as everyday foods fall short of meeting the dietary requirements of different age groups. But Ultranosh makes healthy snacking a picnic nip. That's where we shine. We made snacking as stress-free as you may want it. For that reason, Ultranosh products are:


Know us for:

Providing a range of health-centered products that double as snack-time munchies, but are packed with essential nutrients you're missing with every meal. Making products which make a staple snack for healthy life goals of every member of the family.


Remember us for:

Providing you with nuts and edible seeds all year round, with themed hampers every festive season. We cater to health, diet, and responsible living with our time-tested quality that give your meals a nutritional twist.




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